Katie McCabe, 14, completes round Britian single handed voyage

Katie McCabe, 14, completes round Britian single handed voyage

and has raised more than £15,000 for charity

Katie, from Topsham, left Exmouth in June for her 1,600 nautical mile (3,000km) challenge in Falanda, her 26ft wooden boat.


She was greeted by a crowd of supporters when she returned on Saturday have travelled anti clockwise round Britian via The Caledonial Canal, with father David McCabe  sailing five miles behind her for safety reasons - but Katie was responsible for operational decisions and navigation.

Katie's successful voyage has raised more than £15,000 to date for two charities, including Sea Shepherd UK.....

Katie: I am raising money for Sea Shepherd UK because the health of our oceans is essential for us all

I am aiming to singlehandedly sail around Britain this summer on my 26 foot wooden sailboat, to raise money for Sea Shepherds UK. They are an amazing charity who are trying to put an end to illegal fishing, and remove Ghost nets from the ocean. 


Ghost nets (old decarded fishing nets, floats, pots...) are one of the biggest plastic contributors, and are estimated to make up over 50% of all ocean plastics. They are not just littering the sea, but are also a huge hazard to marine wildlife, and can be lethal to even the biggest sea creatures.


Whilst trying to stop illegal fishing, and create awareness about the astonishing rate at which the seas are being overfished, Sea Shepherds ARE NOT trying to stop all fishing. The ultimate goal is to find a way we can fish sustainably, without completely stripping the ocean of sea creatures, corals, and sea-weeds.

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