Maxine Noury enters GSC bringing girl power to Global Solo Challenge

Maxine Noury enters GSC bringing girl power to Global Solo Challenge

French skipper Maxine Noury from Fouesnant is the first female entry in the Global Solo Challenge.
We are extremely please as organisers of Maxine's decision to be part of the event bringing such positive vibes.

We can only encourage more female participation as we know the value it brings enriching the experience for all. With entry criteria that allow a wide range of boats to participate, a website translated in 4 languages, efforts to help entries in their preparations, inclusion, diversity and the creation of a space to achieve goals and personal ambitions have been GSC's core values from the start.

With a further confirmed entry to be announced over the next few days, the Global Solo Challenge is just one short of 20 confirmed entries. An incredible result considering this new event was launched just over 4 months ago, with a unique format that is proving very popular. We are still over 2 years away from the start but over 225 skippers have already registered their interest, 150 of these already own a boat. If things carry on at this rate, this could become the single-handed round-the-world non-stop sailing event by the three great capes with the most entries ever. Only time will tell, but we hold our breath and are both pleased and excited.

Global Solo Challenge Interview

Where does your passion for sailing come from?

I believe it comes from having had the luck to have grandparents living on Belle Ile en Mer, an Island in French Brittany where I spent all my summer as a child, this is where I got on my grandfather’s wooden small sail fishing boat. He taught me to row single handed to get out of the harbour…. later, from optimists to caravels and 420’s at the local yacht club…. But when I began to really love it is when I discovered funboards, which allowed me to meet my love for swimming as well as playing with the wind… I even decided to go back to live on the island all year long to sail winter time. It is only in my late twenties that I discovered high sea sailboats, crewing a 52 foot catamaran in Saint Martin FWI.

What lessons have you learnt from sailing?

Be prepared, have back up equipment…. It is okay to be afraid before a storm, stay calm when it is on you if you haven’t managed to avoid it! The sea decides.

About Global Solo Challenge: a unique format
The format is unlike any other round the world solo sailing event and will make it fair and exciting for the Skippers as well as easy and engaging for the public and sponsors to follow:

A wide range of boats can enter – 32 to 55 foot.

Boats will be grouped by performance characteristics and set off in successive departures over 8 weeks.

Once at sea, there are no classes. All boats will be sailing the same event. The faster boats will have to try to catch up with the slower boats, the pursuit factor creating competitive interest aboard and a fascinating event for the public and sponsors.

The first boat to cross the finish line wins. The performance differential between the boats is taken into account in staggering the departures, eliminating the need to calculate corrected times.

Global Solo Challenge - Course
All entries will have a chance of winning – dramatic from beginning to end

It will feel quite daunting and emotional to be among the first skippers to set off. Equally it will be nerve wracking for those with a long wait before their departure.

The last skippers to set off will have to keep cool waiting for their turn to start the chase.

The faster boats will need to sail fast and well to make up for the head start given to the slower groups.

It will be the ultimate enactment of the tale of the tortoise and the hare, with steady cruisers being chased by performance thirsty skippers on faster boats.

Who will cross the line first?


Global Solo Challenge - Around the world - Single-handed - Non-stop - By the three great capes - With a unique format - Budget friendly - Starts in A Coruña 2023

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