Clipper Race 9 front runners in close race to the finish line

Clipper Race 9 front runners in close race to the finish line

Race 9: The WTC Logistics Tri-Race has been a short but fast challenge for the Clipper Race teams and the racing fleet has remained incredibly close throughout. As the fleet approaches the end of the triangular 750nm course, tension is high amongst front runners while they close in on the finish line.

The teams have produced some fantastic performances so far during this offshore sprint, with very little to separate the challengers, the conclusion of this race could go down to the wire! 

Skipper Jeromino Santos-Gonzalez explains the close quartered racing and competitive spirit on board Punta del Este: “We are having a really close fight with Visit Sanya, China to the port side and Unicef to the starboard side, all three doing more or less the same speed and gaining or losing meters at the time. This one is going to be a really close call to the end of the Dell Latitude Rugged Ocean Sprint, but we have 135 nautical miles to go so lots can happen before.”

The weather conditions are far more favourable for the teams as they approach Subic Bay; WTC Logistics Skipper, Rich Gould, explains: “We and the whole fleet, currently find ourselves, in a very unusual situation. We are West of Luzon island and we have wind, plenty of it too. This is different sailing from the previous passages in the South China Sea, but I'm pretty sure it won't last all the way in, sadly. As we close in on the coast line I think the breeze will soften, and with the fleet still pretty tightly packed there could be a big reshuffle just before the race track is all used up”

Visit Sanya, China’s Skipper Seumus Kellock comments: “For now we will gladly accept these lovely conditions, cruising along beside Punta del Este and Unicef with Qingdao back in the fight just behind us, keeping us all on our toes”




Message from Clipper Race Organising Committee:

In light of the new US travel restrictions from the Schengen area within Europe, we are monitoring any potential implications for Race Crew on future legs of this race edition. As you will appreciate, this is very new information and we will provide updates should the restrictions be extended and the situation develop further.

The US Government currently requires all foreign travellers arriving into its country to have NOT been in a Schengen border-free country for a minimum of 14 days before their arrival into the US. This restriction comes into effect on 13 March and will initially be in place for 30 days.

Race 10 is still due to leave Subic Bay for Seattle on 21 March with an arrival window into Seattle from 19 to 24 April. The safety of all Clipper Race Crew, Supporters and Staff remains of paramount importance. Should future ports not be viable places for our fleet to stop, the race route, as we have needed to for Legs 5 and 6, will be amended.

We advise Race Crew on Legs 7 and 8 to delay making any new travel arrangements and when they do so, to book marine fares through ATPI as they can be changed if necessary.

This is an evolving situation but rest assured we are doing all we can to keep Clipper Race Crew, Supporters and Staff safe during this global outbreak.