Beneteau exhibiting six new products during the autumn boat shows

 Beneteau exhibiting six new products during the autumn boat shows

Cannes Yachting Festival from 6-11 September
Southampton Boat Show from 16-25 September
Genoa Boat Show from 22-27 September
Le Grand Pavois de La Rochelle from 27 September to 12 October
Barcelona Boat Show from 12-17 October

First 36
The First 36 has a highly advanced design that combines onboard comfort with speed and thrilling sensations.
The performance of the best racing boats is now within reach of racers and yachtspeople.

You can now experience the thrill of high-performance sailing – not only on the race course, but also on family holidays or day-sailing trips.
We have made this possible through a carefully placed high-tech and meticulously designed deck and interior ergonomics, which is bringing the most important features of grand prix racing boats into the hands of a club racer or active cruiser.
First 36 is the first mainstream racer/cruiser where onboard comfort doesn’t affect the experience of high performance sailing.

NAVAL ARCHITECT : Samuel Manuard
Design : Lorenzo Argento
Structural engineering : Pure Design & Engineering
Innovation and research : Gigodesign

First 44
This wonderful sailing boat, with its outstanding design, slots in naturally between the First 36 and the First 53. It combines performance, elegance and comfort, in particular, thanks to the exceptional quality of its equipment, which offers unparalleled sailing pleasure. 

With the new FIRST 44, BENETEAU draws to the noblest expression of the term “racer/cruiser”: an elegant and comfortable yacht that provides unequaled pleasure under sail. The generous sail plan allows the First 44 to be lively and efficient in all conditions.

NAVAL ARCHITECT : Roberto Biscontini
Design : Lorenzo Argento

Oceanis Yacht 60
Architects Roberto Biscontini and Lorenzo Argento take us into a world of classic refinement aboard this 60-foot ocean-going yacht, with its sleek, contemporary silhouette. The hull, almost 18 metres long, offers excellent seaworthiness. Inside, the numerous moulded wood elements blend harmoniously with the lacquered surfaces, accompanied by high-end upholstery.
Designers Roberto Biscontini and Lorenzo Argento have created a world of refinement in this 60-footer ocean-cruising yacht.
With a hull length of almost 18 metres, the Oceanis Yacht 60 has a elegant and sophisticated silhouette while preserving its elegant design and excellent marine qualities.

NAVAL ARCHITECT : Biscontini Yacht Design
DESIGN : Lorenzo Argento

Antares 7
Even more comfortable and liveable, the new Antares 7 has been designed to provide an authentic platform for your water sports activities. It stands out for its exceptional openness to the sea and its versatility, as does its Fishing version, designed specially for fishing enthusiasts.
Designed specifically for the family leisure market, Antares 7 adopts innovative solutions that make it the perfect choice for longer excursions. The fittings are designed to make sailing and life on board as comfortable as possible, making this a relaxing, versatile weekender. Antares 7 is also available in a Fishing version, with a deck layout and equipment designed for a great fishing experience.

Easy to transport by road, Antares 7 promises a wealth of new discoveries and coastal sailing experiences.

A connected boat - The boat's mobile application, Seanapps, and its onboard unit, lets you track the boat's status, forward plan maintenance operations and provides 24/24 access to the maintenance logbook.

Design : Sarrazin Design

Flyer 8 SUNdeck
With great liveability and openness to the exterior, the new Flyer 8 SUNdeck benefits from BENETEAU's long-standing expertise in boat layouts. More than ever, it provides the ideal boat for hosting day excursions, with its comfortable cabin and two sunbeds, an exceptional feat on an 8-metre outboard.

Stylish and comfortable, the Flyer 8 SUNdeck displays the character and elegance that typifies this new generation of BENETEAU dayboats. With great livability and panoramic views, it benefits from all BENETEAU's expertise in terms of fixtures and fittings. The ideal host for day excursions, with a comfortable cabin and two sunbeds, an exceptional tour de force for an 8-metre outboard.

A connected boat - The mobile application, Seanapps, and its onboard unit lets you view the status of the boat's various systems (battery charge, fuel or water tank levels, maintenance scheduling) via your smartphone, as well as planning your route or reviewing your sailing status using your mobile phone.

Flyer 8 SPACEdeck
Designed for fishing and sports enthusiasts, the Flyer 8 SPACEdeck offers total freedom of movement on board. It has a particularly functional deck layout. Its design by Pierangelo Andreani embodies the character and elegance of this new generation of BENETEAU dayboats.

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