From GSC: Mini 650s, the most incredible videos of surfs and foiling

 From GSC: Mini 650s, the most incredible videos of surfs and foiling

As the Mini Transat 2021 is under way, Global Solo Challenge take the opportunity to show you some of the best videos of the most incredible surfs by some of the hottest Mini 650s around, with and without foils.

Compared to the IMOCA class, the introduction of foils for the Mini 650s took place later and with mixed fortunes. On the one hand, the class rules did not immediately open to free experimentation with the aim of reducing campaign costs. The Mini foils could not in fact be outside of the so-called box rule. This prevented the latest Mini Transat from seeing whisker foils as seen on IMOCAs.

This meant that both experimentation and progress and improvement iterations took place in the IMOCA Class first and foremost. Traditionally it has always been the Mini 650s Class to open the runway and field of experimentation, however in the case of foils this has not been the case.

With the Mini Transat 2021 the rules change and the new foils are allowed and I imagine we will see a rapid progression also among the Minis. However the proto campaigns are less and less and too expensive, this was the reason that led to delay the total liberalisation on foils.

In this selection of videos we see boats with and without foils in truly extraordinary surfs. It is interesting to observe the wave behaviour of the thin and round bows and the accelerations of the Mini 650 on foils. However, it seems that boats with foils in rough sea conditions are still too unstable to allow high hourly averages over time, especially alone. Let’s see what will happen in the 2021 edition!

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