Entries for the 2027-2028 Global Solo Challenge

Entries for the 2027-2028 Global Solo Challenge

The Global Solo Challenge (GSC) has announced the 6th official entry for the 2027-2028 edition: Belgian sailor Jérôme Delire. With over 100,000 nautical miles sailed and a deep-seated passion for the ocean, Jérôme brings a wealth of experience and a profound love for solo sailing to the event.


Born in Brussels in 1985 into a family of musicians and artists, Jérôme Delire’s affinity for the sea emerged early in his life. From his first experiences sailing an Optimist at the age of 7, to completing a circumnavigation of the globe via the Equator in 2019. Jérôme’s journey has been marked by numerous achievements, including eight transatlantic crossings and ten years with the Belgian Sailing Team, where he participated in both European and World Championships in dinghy sailing.


Delire’s entry into the Global Solo Challenge will be aboard his boat, MASAÏ, a Class40 Pogo 40S2 (Finot-Conq). Launched in 2011, MASAÏ has clocked over 90,000 miles and remains in excellent condition thanks to meticulous maintenance by its previous owners. The boat’s most recent major race was the 2022 Route du Rhum, with Victor Jost at the helm. Delire’s commitment to sustainability and resourcefulness aligns perfectly with the GSC’s philosophy of reusing and adapting existing boats for large-scale projects.


Jérôme Delire’s motivation for participating in the GSC stems from a desire to push his limits and embark on a major sailing project. His preparation for the challenge is already underway, with a dedicated support team working behind the scenes since 2023. Delire aims to gather as many miles as possible before the start, rigorously testing his equipment to ensure it is GSC-ready.

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Q&A with Jérôme Delire

About Jérôme Delire
Nationality: Belgian
Born: 1985
Residence: Valencia, Spain
Boat: MASAÏ, Class40 Pogo 40S2 (Finot-Conq)
Miles Sailed: 100,000+

Sailing Experience:
1 circumnavigation from East to West on an IMX 38
8 transatlantic crossings
10 years with the Belgian Sailing Team
Participation in European and World Championships (Optimist and Moth)
Boat Specifications:
Sail Number: BEL109
Design: Pogo 40S2 (Finot-Conq)
Year Built: 2011
Length Overall (LOA): 40ft
Displacement: 4580kgs
Upwind Sail Area: 115m²
Downwind Sail Area: 250m²

MASAÏ, BEL109, Class40 Pogo 40S2 (Finot-Conq)
Where does your passion for sailing come from?
It’s one of life’s mysteries 🙂 …!


I was born in Brussels into a family of musicians and artists spanning several generations, but ever since I learned to walk, I’ve always been drawn to the ocean. From my first times sailing with an Optimist at the age of 7, to my circumnavigation of the globe via the Equator in 2019, my awe and admiration for this world have never left me.

What lessons have you learnt from sailing?
At sea, there is no room for deception. You are yourself and you experience the delightful blend of the most noble definition of humility: a subtle balance between instinct and the unknown. The ocean is probably one of the few places where you hear humans say, “I was wrong.” You live, you act, and in between, you marvel at all the beauty of the ocean, which reveals us as we are.

In reality, when I return to port, I realize that the lives of land-dwellers are quite complicated :-)!

What brought you to like single-handed sailing?
At the beginning, I had my first solo experiences due to a lack of available crew for professional deliveries. As a matter of fact, this revealed something totally unexpected. We often hear, “a journey only has meaning if it is shared” … It’s true, but solo adventures bring another dimension. Emotions are heightened, the wonder is deeper, and the adrenaline is released in more powerful doses!

I try in vain to find a cure, without success…!

What prompted you to sign up for this event?
If we step back a little, we realize that our earthly footprint is measured in thousandths of seconds, and my first circumnavigation of the globe via the Equator convinced me! Due to Covid-19, my wife and I had to sail 9800 miles non-stop between Raiatea and the island of La Réunion.

Undoubtedly the most beautiful part of the journey… This navigation revealed my need to embark on a much more extreme project… I am just a normal human being, I want more. I think this event brings a lot of good to the world of offshore racing.

This organization allows knowledgeable amateurs to undertake a completely crazy challenge while being supervised.

How do you plan to prepare for this event?
I think the reason this challenge is so difficult is that it is impossible to replicate the conditions of the Southern Seas to prepare for it. Therefore, we must rely on the testimonies of sailors who have already navigated in these extreme conditions.

If the circumnavigation is solo, the project’s preparation requires a support team and colossal behind-the-scenes work! That’s why our team has been working on the project since 2023. Sailing is a mechanical sport, so the sailor and the technical preparation must be flawless. Then, accumulate as many miles as possible before the departure to test the equipment in GSC configuration.

What do you think will be the biggest challenge?
Arriving with the boat on the starting line and setting off relaxed…

Tell us about your boat or the boat you would like to have.
My boat is a POGO 40S2 from 2011. It already has 90,000 miles on the clock but has been constantly maintained by its various owners. Its last major race was the Route du Rhum 2022 with Victor Jost at the helm. Our team aligns with the spirit of the Global Solo Challenge because we believe that reusing existing boats and adapting them for large-scale projects is a great way to maintain a spirit of resourcefulness while minimizing environmental impacts. My circumnavigation of the globe via the Equator was done aboard a 1994 IMX 38 (X-Yachts). The conclusion was a real success: offshore sailing with an old, well-equipped structure is entirely possible.

Do you intend to link your personal challenge to a social cause?
I would gladly like to associate with a social cause, but I am still in the research phase.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thanks to our team MASAI OCEAN RACING!